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It's the stuff marketing dreams and (nightmares) are made of. With marketing budgets under more scrutiny than ever, we know you need results. Here are a few of our clients that are happy to share their campaign outcomes!

What Our Clients Say

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"I've worked with Stephanie and the Hubbard team on many projects over the years. She is an absolute pleasure to work with! It is always seamless, fun, and they continue to over deliver. On the Stanford's project, I was blown away by the quality and organization of the work. They kept the train on the tracks and delivered gorgeous final products."

Shelby Elmore, Director of Marketing & Brand Development

Ascend Hospitality Group


"The Hubbard team made reaching a key market effective for our brand. In particular, the impact of the campaign on YouTube aligned with our goals of increasing engagements on that platform. We look forward to an additional effort later this year to build on these metrics."

Kathryn Grandy, Chief Marketing Officer

Cosmic Crisp

“Erica and Jodee from Hubbard are an absolute joy to work with!  Crisis Connections has been partnering with 2060 Digital and Hubbard Radio for almost 2 years and we have been very impressed with the professionalism, friendliness, and communication that we have had with the campaigns that they have produced for us.  We were also very impressed with their reach and in impressions especially in the social media realm for our youth program.  As a nonprofit organization, we have limited resources when it comes to advertising, Hubbard works with us to create successful marketing campaigns with a limited budget.  We will continue to work with them into the future.”

Lauren Rigert, Senior Director of Development and Community Relations

Crisis Connection

"During this time where we can all get bogged down with numbers … with metrics, analytics, attribution, ratings, share, CPP, CPM and all the rest, it is important to remember that advertising is still an industry requiring a bedrock of trust.  Without trust, none of the numbers really matter.  After all, without trust, are the numbers even believed?

I trust Hubbard Broadcasting."

Mike Conley - President Conley & Associates

Sunset Auto Family

“Woodland Park Zoo was shut down for four months during the pandemic and reopened on July 1 to extremely limited capacities. This created a loss of millions of dollars in revenue, and we desperately needed the help of our community to continue to provide exemplary care for our amazing furry, feathery and scaly residents. Because of the generous support of Hubbard Media, among other local media partners, the zoo was able to secure more than one million dollars in donations at a time when we needed it most. Hubbard stepped up in such a kind and impactful way, reaching tens of thousands of people within our communities who answered the call for help in extraordinary ways. Grateful does not begin to express how very thankful Woodland Park Zoo is for partners like Hubbard. It made all the difference and made for a much more hopeful future for the zoo.”

Laura Rieder, Director of Marketing and Advertising

Woodland Park Zoo

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