At Hubbard Seattle, the best people in local media build dominant brands that connect consumers and advertisers to build better businesses and communities. 

A History of Innovation

About Hubbard Cincinnati: KSTP-AM provides first live coverage of a United States Open golf tournament with portable transmitter wheeled around course in daughter Alice Hubbard’s baby carriage
In the 1920s, KSTP-AM provides first live coverage of a United States Open golf tournament with portable transmitter wheeled around course in daughter Alice Hubbard’s baby carriage.

During its infancy, our company literally spent time in a stroller. To provide the first live coverage of a U.S. Open Golf Tournament, Stanley E. Hubbard's daughter's baby carriage was used to wheel around a portable transmitter. What a fitting way to illustrate how innovation has been par for the course at Hubbard Broadcasting since the beginning.

Starting with the world’s first advertiser-supported radio station, the following 9 decades of Hubbard Broadcasting included the formation of the first national radio news service, the purchase of the first TV camera, the creation of Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and broadcasting the first high-power DBS programming direct to U.S. homes.

The last 20 years have seen the creation of REELZCHANNEL, a cable/satellite TV network dedicated to entertainment and connecting viewers to everything about movies. And the birth of 2060 Digital, LLC, a full-service digital media company. It’s another step that helps us continue to connect with people and the communities we serve.

Hubbard encourages innovation through various programs designed to spur employees to think beyond the norm and share their ideas, no matter how baby-carriage-transmitter crazy they may be.

Core Values

We succeed by always doing the right thing with focus, urgency and passion.



We are honest and open in our dealings with each other, our audiences and our advertisers.



We set aggressive goals and provide the tools to achieve them.



We work constantly to reinvent ourselves and encourage creative contribution from everyone.



We use our media tools to motivate involvement and improvement in our communities.

Hubbard Radio Markets

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Let's Get Digital

Hubbard's in-house agency 2060 Digital offers marketing services in each of these markets and beyond. Call us at 513.699.5065 to get started.

Seattle's Leadership Team

The only way to accomplish great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job. So, while our leadership team collectively has hundreds of years of experience, the most important thing we do is cultivate a unique group of talented people who are some of the best at what they do.

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Wheeler Morris

Vice President / Market Manager
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Lisa Closterman

Human Resources Director

Scott Mahalick

Operations Manager / KNUC Brand Content Manager
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Michael Fashana

Director of Sales
2060 digital provides social media management to clients in cincinnati, ohio

Cat Thomas

KQMV / KRWM Brand Content Manager
2060 digital provides blogging services to clients in cincinnati, ohio

Ken Hadaller

Market Controller
2060 digital provides PPC to clients in cincinnati, ohio

Gus Swanson

Marketing Director
2060 digital provides targeted display ads to clients in cincinnati, ohio

Alex Brewster

Director of Engineering

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